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Powered by AI technologies

Super-fast accurate and multilingual speech recognition






Per hour of audio

Complete solution

Everything you need and more for effortless transcription

  • Identify 10+ speakers (diarization)
  • Unmatched performance
  • Copy / Export transcription
  • Multiple summarization options
  • Over 98% accuracy
  • Automatic punctuation and paragraphs
Unbeatable pricing

One of the most affordable transcription solution in the market

Private and Secure

Audios are deleted straight after transcription

Confidence levels

Check each transcription’s degree of accuracy


Summarisation options

From Blog to Bullets


Tones of voice

Choose your text style


AI powered

Open AI GPT-4


Text lengths

Generate texts your way


Generate one-click content and insights from your audio

  • Bullet-point takeways
  • Twitter Posts / Threads
  • Word-cloud
  • Concise summary
  • Key points outline
  • Blog from main points
  • Slide deck of the key points
  • Professional Article

How it works?


Upload your audio file

Select your audio or video file in one of the 8 different formats


Get your transcription

In a few minutes the audio transcription is ready to view, copy or download


Generate multiple content

Simply define the length, style and type of content to generate from multiple options

Use cases

Learn how can help you


A podcaster can convert their recorded podcast interviews into engaging blog posts for enhanced content marketing



A legal firm can transcribe and summarise deposition recordings swiftly for efficient case analysis and evidence preparation



Journalist can generate concise article summaries from lengthy press conference or interviews for faster news reporting



A church leader can transform and generate blog posts, summaries and highlights from recorded sermons



A content production company can transform recorded webinars into downloadable articles, expanding their educational resources

Content Production


An educational institution can generate summarised lecture notes and study materials from recorded classes, enhancing student learning experiences


Trusted by customers around the world

United Kingdom, Switzerland, Cameroon, Nigeria, USA, Germany, Brazil, Philippines, Romania, Singapore, Portugal, India, Canada, Chile, Iran, Sweden, and more

Simple pricing plans for every budget



  • 30 mins of transcription per month
  • 25 languages supported
  • Speaker identification (diarization)
  • 17 summarisation options
  • Smart formatting text



  • 5 hours (300 mins) of transcription per month
  • 25 languages supported
  • Speaker identification (diarization)
  • 17 summarisation options
  • Smart formatting text



  • 10 hours (600 mins) of transcription per month
  • 25 languages supported
  • Speaker identification (diarization)
  • 17 summarisation options
  • Smart formatting text

Pay as you Go

$5 or $10

Don’t want monthly subscription?

Buy single credits whenever you need them, with full access to the same top-tier features as our subscription plans.

  • $5 credits = 100 mins of transcription
  • $10 credits = 200 mins of transcription


Frequently asked questions

What happens to my audio file after uploading?
Your audio file is deleted immediately after the transcription is finished.
Can I upload all types of audio or video files?
The file must be in one of these formats: mp2, mp3, mp4, ogg, flac, m4a, or aac.
Do you use my data for training AI models?
No, we do not use your data for training any AI model. We work with transcription and generative AI partners who respect your data privacy and never use the data we send them for improving their models. You can trust us with your data security.
How long does it take to transcribe?
The transcription time is about 1 min for every hour of speech.
Which languages can you support?
Chinese (China), Chinese (Taiwan), Danish, English, Flemish, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (BR), Portuguese (PT), Russian, Spanish, Spanish (LatAm), Swedish, Tamil, Turkish and Ukrainian.
What happens when I run out of credits?
You won’t be able to request any more transcriptions. The app will ask you to top-up to proceed.

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